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HD Broadcast Camera, Camcorder, and Lens


Our independent film / video production and equipment rental service starts with the sense of sight.  Kick off your next film production with the best:  an HD broadcast camera / camcorder and HD broadcast lens.  We rent these fine products for an affordable price that will fit just about any budget.  Rent equipment for your next film / video production with ISIS Rental service.  We proudly serve the New York City, Manhattan, Queens, the entire NY area and beyond.  Call today—212.337.3789—for current pricing and help with assembling your film & video production package.



Product Name

Model #

Daily Rate



The RED Super Lightweight HD Digital Camcorder



RED RENDERS OBSOLESCENCE OBSOLETE. The RED ONE™ body – designed for flexibility and functionality. Weighing in at around 9 lbs, a streamlined package specifically designed to maximize your shooting options. Matched with a 35mm PL lens mount it allows you to take advantage of the world’s best optics. Modular and upgradeable, the RED ONE™ camera is a future-proof acquisition system you can build upon. RED ONE™’s modular design means you can upgrade with us as we add new features, accessories and improve system specifications. See what other film producers are saying about RED ONE at their website. Click the link to the right for more info.




Panasonic DVC Pro HD Camcorder



This camcorder is on steroids! The AJ-HDX900 produces the high-quality HD content that's in growing demand as HD production and broadcasting continue to expand worldwide. This new camera-recorder uses the DVCPRO HD format, with its long track record and proven reliability in broadcast use. Able to record in both the 720p and 1080i digital TV formats, the AJ-HDX900 excels in the HD production of TV programs, music and video clips, corporate video and other content for use virtually anywhere in the world. It also has a unique DRS feature. Click the link to the right for more info.




Panasonic P2 HD Camcorder



The AJ-SDX900 combines advanced DVCPRO and DVCPRO50 imaging technology — acclaimed by ENG and other video professionals all over the world — with a compact, lightweight body designed for easy mobility. In designing the AJ-SDX900, Panasonic solicited a host of feedback from video professionals. The result is a fully mobile unit that is ideally balanced, easy to maneuver, and rugged enough for the field.




Panasonic DVC Pro 50



The AG-HPX500 P2 HD shoulder-mount camcorder delivers a unique combination of high-end features never offered in a camcorder in this genre, including production-quality 2/3" progressive 3-CCDs, DVCPRO HD quality, multi HD and SD formats, variable frame rates, and four independent audio channels. In addition, the HPX500 offers the outstanding benefits of P2 solid state recording including ultra-fast IT workflow and no-moving-parts reliability, which makes the camera ideal for use in harsh environments.




Ikegami DVCAM Camcorder



Best DVCAM broadcast camera EVER!  A workhorse.  Picture is incredibly crisp with natural skin tones.



Panasonic DVC Pro HD P2



Beautiful picture.  Some limitations, but still better than any other camera in that category. The P2 can be difficult to hold except with the wide angle adapter. It is important to get familiar with the workflow when working with the P2 cards.



Angenieux Lens

T10X5.3 BESM


The mother of all wide angle zoom lenses.



Panazonic Wide angle Lens

HVX 200 75 Converter


Balances nicely the P2 camera and greatly extends the P2 standard lens’ limited range.



Angenieux Tele Zoom Lens




Incredible range.  Longest in its category.  Wide aperture, lightweight, picture quality second to none.



Panasonic Rod Mount






Aaton Wood Handle






Panasonic 16GB P2 Card






Vocas 4x4 Matte Box

Shade Effects


Light clamp-on matte box.  No rods needed.



Schneider Polarizer

4X4 Starter Filter Kit


The 4X4 DV Starter Filter Kit features (3) Schneider Filters in a 4-filter pouch includes: 1) Circular True-Pol: Reduces glare and unwanted reflections, saturate colors, deepen blue skies, improve contrast, and penetrate haze. 2) ND.9: Control exposure or depth of field under various lighting conditions without affecting color or contrast. 3) Black Frost 1/2: Subtle softening of skin texture. Flairs highlights and tones down contrast while holding black level. Removes video "edge."   No rods needed.

(330) 666-2414

Schneider 138MM TRUE Polarizer


Call 212.337-3789 for quote

This is by far the most effective polarizer for motion picture and television cameras. Having an extinction ratio of ER 374, the Schneider True-Pol is 12- times more effective than other polarizing filters, and is unmatched in its ability to: Reduce glare and unwanted reflections, Saturate colors, Deepen blue skies, Improve contrast, Penetrate haze, True-Pol Polarizing filters enable you to achieve a level of optical performance previously unavailable to cinematographers.




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